5 Best Places to Visit in Orange County

With its extensive beauty and serenity, Orange County in California is a major tourist destination thanks to it being the favorite location for shooting popular TV shows and Hollywood films. Just like any other tourist hub, there are main things and places that make a destination unique and alluring whether or not you’re a local tourist. Let’s look at five of the best below.

The Crystal Cove State Park.

It is a peaceful park and also a beach. With an open space and natural seashore, the park is ideal for hiking in the 2400 acres of backcountry wilderness. It’s an ideal way to wind up after spending a long day at the beach swimming. The 3.2 miles of beach feature an enclave of vintage rustic coastal cottages originally built in the 1930s as well as the 40s as a seaside colony. There are over 15 miles of trails with different levels of difficulty, from strenuous to easy.It is also ideal for equestrian activities and biking.

The Disney California Adventure

It is a Disney theme park that has almost similar things to offer as the famous Disneyland. There 7 exciting lands with timeless entertainment showcases where the stories of Pixar and Disney come alive. With a variety of activities to take part in, we guarantee you a visit of your life!There are dining areas, special attractions and lots of entertainment. You can also hold events or attend some within the theme park.

The Bowers museum

Thanks to the Bowers museum, you can now access collections of fine arts. They strive to celebrate and uphold the world’s cultures through respective art since 1936. You don’t have to worry about the risk of having your kids wander off; there is a “kidseum” just for them!  There’s a free family festival held here every first Sunday of the month for the residents. Subsequently, there are plenty of exhibits to view including California art, the Pacific Islands collection, First Californians exhibit, and California’s mission.

The Pirate tower.

It is a famous stone spectacle on the Victoria beach in Southern California, 60 feet high, and built in the year 1926. It serves as an enclosed staircase to a private cliff-top home that acts as an excellent site for capturing exquisite and breathtaking photographic moments.  After a long day of fishing, skimboarding, playing beach sports and swimming; you can go up the staircase-like structure to wind off. Once at the top, you have access to an amazing view below and breathtaking sunsets as dusk approaches.


Although secluded and easy to miss as it is behind some trees in a former industrial park, it is an eye-catching, one of a kind mall filled with art, locally owned restaurants and little boutique shops. To access this place famously known as an Anti-mall, walk through a small shaded pathway.It has a famous exquisite art gallery that displays different works of artists in an 8 feet wide shipping container; the “ARTery”.

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