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We have some if the best dishes which is not just tasty but also has quality ingredients to enhance its features.


A traditional Mexican snacks served with a side of spicy salsa.



Corn bread stuffed with traditional herb and meat with a modern spice mix.



Enjoy any snack with the side of Guacamole.



Hard shell tacos with the ring quantity of veggies and meant for that perfect mix.



A hearty is that when there is a burrito involved with lots of rice and meat.


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The family-friendly home of incredibly delicious Mexican food in Highland Mills, NY has a most interesting history.

Twenty-four years ago, Barbara, who had moved into the area in 1983 from Maine with two sons, and Camarino, who had come from Mexico in 1981, met at the Bright Star Diner in Central Valley.

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"I never have spicy food but Cafe fiesta has changed my mind as they have some of the best spicy foods which does not interfere with the taste."

- Shamika Smith

"The food served at Cafe Fiesta was exquisite and can easily become one of the best cafe for Mexican food."

- Monica J. Green

"Spice is what I would like to describe this Cafe as. They have some of the nice blend of spices which can burn you in all the right way."

- Christopher M. Harrison

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Why is eCommerce Growing So Quickly in Taiwan & Hong Kong?


The accelerated growth of the eCommerce(or 網路開店 in Chinese) sector in Southeast Asia is probably a well-known fact for most online business enthusiasts. However, not many people seem to be aware of the eCommerce situation in East Asia, or more precisely in Taiwan & Hong Kong. These are, however, two regions closely related to China which should be on everyone’s radar. 

If you sit down and look at the numbers you would notice that the e-commerce market in Taiwan & Hong Kong has seen rapid growth over the past few years. 

But why is this?

Well as with most things economy-related, there are many factors that come into play here! Luckily, in this article, we will try to answer all of your questions on this matter.

Internet Access

When looking at any country’s eCommerce situation, the first thing you should take into account is the said country’s internet accessibility. So let’s take a look at how accessible the internet is in Taiwan & Hong Kong.


As of 2020, Taiwan is considered to be one of the most connected markets in all of Asia. According to a report done by TWNIC in 2018, over 90% of people aged 12 to 49 were internet users. And if you look at Taiwan’s internet penetration rate on Internet World Stats you would see that as of June 2020 the country is ranking quite high(at 92.6%). Also, looking at the Speedtest Global Index it’s clearly visible that as of June 2020, Taiwan ranks 20th in terms of average internet speed in the world and 6th in the Asia Pacific.

Hong Kong

Opening up Internet World Stats, we can see that as of December 2019, Hong Kong’s internet penetration rate was 89.3%. As for the internet speed, well, you’d surprised to know that Hong Kong is ranked at number 2 for the fastest fixed broadband internet in the world with an average speed of 192.09 Mbps, being outranked only by Singapore.

E-commerce market

The eCommerce market of a given country is dependant on a lot of factors. However, the main ones are:

  •  E-commerce penetration
  • Smartphone adoption
  • Investment in digital infrastructure

So let’s take a look at why both Taiwan and Hong Kong are doing so well in these regards.


Taiwan’s eCommerce market has grown exponentially over the past few years. Back in 2017, the country’s eCommerce market value hit US $42.69 billion. And with an average growth rate of 10-20%, Taiwan’s eCommerce market value doesn’t seem like it will be going down anytime soon. In fact, it’s predicted that in the next few years Taiwan’s online retail platforms will overtake physical retail stores in terms of sales. 

This is, in turn, thanks to its e-commerce market possessing a well thought out infrastructure and the fact that the money flow and delivery service platforms make transactions incredibly simple. Aside from that Taiwan has also incorporated live social media promotions in their eCommerce platforms and also use artificial intelligence to link the eCommerce part of a business with the traditional retail outlet.

How And When To Use A Tig Welder

IG stands for inert gas tungsten and is technically referred to as arc welding gas tungsten (GTAW). The method utilizes a non-consumable electrode of tungsten, which provides the current to the welding arc. The tungsten and weld puddle, typically argon, is shielded and cooled with an inert gas.


The TIG method utilizes an electric torch and feeds the filler rod into the molten puddle by the welder side. The ability to soft start and soft heat stop differs the TIG process from other types of electrical welding. Some individuals like the accelerator pedal to regulate heat when working on a bench and others like fingertips on the torch when working in fields deemed out of place. While welding, the remote adjusts the temperature.

One tip that suggests that one should be acquainted with the welder components and the function of each element before using a TIG device. The job guide must be connected to the workpiece or to the metal surface on which the workpiece is located, often referred to as a ground cable with a clamp. The welding lead will end up with an electric TIG torch. A tiny row holds the argon gas along with the cable. Like the flux layer on a stick electrode, the inert gas works by protecting the weld against airborne contaminants. The torch breaks down into multiple components. The electrode is the tiny tungsten rod (there are several sizes available). A copper collection maintains the tungsten and is used to change the distance from the cup of the tungsten. It is possible to unscrew and replace the ceramic cup (generally pink). There are various checks on a TIG machine. Balance is one of the most critical tests for welding aluminium, which retains the level of cleaning versus aluminium penetration. The higher the balance, the greater your penetration. Typical configurations vary between 70 and 80%, or 7-8. The process is used with shielding gas and may also be used with or without the addition of filler metal. The primary variables in TIG Welding are arc voltage, welding current, travel speed, and shielding gas composition. If you are a professional you require a wrench to help with the process of welding, check out for some of the best reviews in the market.



TIG welding can be used for joining nearly all metals with superior welding quality. It is usually free of defects but it is up to you to check out the range of these TIG welders on this list to ensure the best outcome. This particular welding device is free from spattering, which happens quite recurrently with other arc welding procedures. TIG welder can be used with or without filler metal as needed for a particular implementation. It can also be used to generate low-cost autogenously (fusion) welds with excellent penetration. Furthermore, it provides distinct heat input and filler metal additions control. One setback of TIG welder is that its travel speeds and deposition rates are relatively low and increases increasing welding cost.

5 Best Places to Visit in Orange County

With its extensive beauty and serenity, Orange County in California is a major tourist destination thanks to it being the favorite location for shooting popular TV shows and Hollywood films. Just like any other tourist hub, there are main things and places that make a destination unique and alluring whether or not you’re a local tourist. Let’s look at five of the best below.

The Crystal Cove State Park.

It is a peaceful park and also a beach. With an open space and natural seashore, the park is ideal for hiking in the 2400 acres of backcountry wilderness. It’s an ideal way to wind up after spending a long day at the beach swimming. The 3.2 miles of beach feature an enclave of vintage rustic coastal cottages originally built in the 1930s as well as the 40s as a seaside colony. There are over 15 miles of trails with different levels of difficulty, from strenuous to easy.It is also ideal for equestrian activities and biking.

The Disney California Adventure

It is a Disney theme park that has almost similar things to offer as the famous Disneyland. There 7 exciting lands with timeless entertainment showcases where the stories of Pixar and Disney come alive. With a variety of activities to take part in, we guarantee you a visit of your life!There are dining areas, special attractions and lots of entertainment. You can also hold events or attend some within the theme park.

The Bowers museum

Thanks to the Bowers museum, you can now access collections of fine arts. They strive to celebrate and uphold the world’s cultures through respective art since 1936. You don’t have to worry about the risk of having your kids wander off; there is a “kidseum” just for them!  There’s a free family festival held here every first Sunday of the month for the residents. Subsequently, there are plenty of exhibits to view including California art, the Pacific Islands collection, First Californians exhibit, and California’s mission.

The Pirate tower.

It is a famous stone spectacle on the Victoria beach in Southern California, 60 feet high, and built in the year 1926. It serves as an enclosed staircase to a private cliff-top home that acts as an excellent site for capturing exquisite and breathtaking photographic moments.  After a long day of fishing, skimboarding, playing beach sports and swimming; you can go up the staircase-like structure to wind off. Once at the top, you have access to an amazing view below and breathtaking sunsets as dusk approaches.


Although secluded and easy to miss as it is behind some trees in a former industrial park, it is an eye-catching, one of a kind mall filled with art, locally owned restaurants and little boutique shops. To access this place famously known as an Anti-mall, walk through a small shaded pathway.It has a famous exquisite art gallery that displays different works of artists in an 8 feet wide shipping container; the “ARTery”.

What are you waiting for? Come and have the best time in the best places today! You will easily find food places that practice different kinds of food preservation